image The three flavours of change

Change has a range of flavours. They all have the potential to be delicious, but only two of them are good for you!

Image: three macarons
Change can come in three flavours (Photo by Tatiana Lapina on Unsplash)

Here are three flavours your change project might have.

  1. Organic — change is happening to you and you don’t quite know where you’ll land. Organic change, while needing little or no effort, is often followed by regret.
  2. Step by step — you have a clearly articulated goal and are in control. You’re working systematically through a healthy plan to achieve your vision. You feel good.
  3. Instantaneous — you proactively do something that manages to ‘flick the switch’ and instantly change people’s attitudes and mindset. These lightbulb moments, big or small, will propel you towards your goal, bringing immediate results!

Changing writing culture needs a healthy helping of step-by-step planning and at least a few lightbulb moments.

Get the recipe for lightbulb moments in our earlier post by Lynda Harris:

What lightbulb moments have you inspired?