About the author

Lynda Harris has dedicated her career to championing the benefits of plain language.

Lynda Harris, author of Rewrite
Most organisations are blind to the fact that writing style is a major predictor of organisational success.
Lynda Harris

Since 1989, Lynda has been proving to businesses of all shapes and sizes that writing clearly is essential to their success. Her communications consultancy, Write Limited, is recognised as a market leader in plain language solutions both in New Zealand and internationally.

Lynda developed the WriteMark — New Zealand’s document quality mark — and founded New Zealand’s annual WriteMark Plain English Awards. The WriteMark Awards gained international attention, inspiring the United States Center for Plain Language to introduce its own ClearMark Awards. Lynda has been a guest judge for the ClearMark Awards from 2011 to 2015.

Lynda is the New Zealand representative for Clarity, a global association that promotes plain language in the legal profession. She’s also a member of the International Plain Language Working Group, which aims to establish standards for plain language across countries and cultures.