Calculating the internal costs of poor writing

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Calculate how to save money on your writing processes. Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

Meet Jane. She’s a manager at our example company. Jane has a great team, but still she wastes about 5 hours a week correcting problems in the writing produced by her team members.

If Jane’s hourly rate is $40 an hour, that 5 hours is costing our company $200 a week.

If the company has 8 managers, we can calculate the total wastage at about $1600 a week (assuming they each spend about the same amount of time on improving their team’s writing).

Over a working year, the costs mount up to more than $73,000. And chances are these calculations are on the low side for many organisations.

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Time to make some big savings

Now that you’ve thought about the true costs of wasting time on poor writing, find out how to turn around your writing culture.

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Calculate how much time you are wasting with poor writing