Find a meaningful name for your culture transformation

When launching a change management project at your organisation, give that project a name. It’s much easier for people to work towards a goal when the goal has a name. Names can capture the essence of a project’s intent and ensure a project maintains its focus.

Labelling a culture transformation
Aegon is an international insurance company with roots in the Netherlands. The company has about 24,000 employees.

With the assistance of Dutch plain language consultancy Loo van Eck, Aegon set about transforming their communication culture. They did this because they wanted their company to stay ahead of changes in the financial sector.

One of the first tasks in this transformation was to find a name or label that could express the entire change.

Finding the right name
Loo van Eck Chief Executive Martijn Jacobs oversaw Aegon’s transformation.

‘[We} searched for a label or name that could express the entire change,’ Martijn says in Rewrite: How to overcome daily sabotage of your brand and profit. ‘We decided on the name ‘Real Contact’’.

Real Contact expressed exactly what Aegon wanted to achieve with their change project – to build real and meaningful contact with every client. And in business groups all over the company, the name prompted the question: ‘What can we do to make it real?’

As part of the first phase of Aegon’s project, finding a name helped the company’s dream of real contact take shape. The next step was to sell the dream to others.

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