Doing it right by not doing it wrong

I often approach life from what I consider to be a positive angle, focusing on what I should be doing right. Huffington Post contributor Karen Frankola takes a different approach in The Top Five Mistakes Organizations Make Talking about Change where she talks about how to successfully communicate change.

Not the bright side but the right side

Karen flips the idea of positive thinking on its head and focuses on what leaders of change shouldn’t be doing wrong instead of what they need to do right. She identifies five detrimental but common mistakes that those leading change can easily make — and easily avoid.

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Get it right with a little strategic thinking (Image by StockSnap (CC0))

Use the right strategic thinking so you don’t confuse effort with effectiveness

Karen says she finds many organisations ‘confuse effort with effectiveness’ when it comes to talking to their people about change. ‘But you can avoid common mistakes with a little strategic thinking.’ She highlights the following five mistakes to avoid.

1. Failing to understand your audience

Make sure you answer the question ‘What’s in it for me?’ for the audience.

2. Sending information from the wrong person

Make sure you send information about change from the person you know people will listen to: usually the CEO of executives and manager

3. Failing to develop two-way communications

Include listening and feedback in your communications plan. Let people contribute and have their say.

4. Failing to develop consistent messages

Create core messages that you can adapt as needed for specific audiences.

5. Communicating too little and too late

Keep people informed from early on, even if you haven’t got everything worked out yet.

Read Karen’s full post here

Five ways of doing it right by doing it right!

In contrast to Karen’s approach, read about the five key components of the Rewrite for Change™ model in Chapter 2 of Rewrite.



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