What Rewrite is and what it is not

We wrote Rewrite: How to overcome daily sabotage of your brand and profit for CEOs and managers who want to improve their organisation’s bottom line and be more successful. If you haven’t read Rewrite yet, this is what it is, and isn’t.

What Rewrite is
Rewrite is a handbook for investigating and transforming the way your organisation communicates — from a strategic perspective. The book highlights the tremendous cost of bad writing in business and government, and offers practical, proven solutions for change.

As Martin Cutts, author of The Oxford Guide to Plain English, wrote: ‘Rewrite advances the simple proposition that clearer companies will be more profitable companies.’ The real-life stories in Rewrite, from New Zealand and other parts of the world, spell out how an organisation can successfully manage the changes needed to achieve this.

One of the stories told is that of international economic consultancy firm Castalia. The firm’s COO, David Ehrhardt, reported that they had grown 20 percent in each of the 10 years they’d been focusing on excellent writing. ‘We know that our uncompromising focus on clarity played a major part in achieving that success,’ he said.

What Rewrite is not
Rewrite is not a writing manual. Other than a few useful resources at the back, including a Plain English Standard, Rewrite’s focus is on changing attitudes and outcomes, not the nitty-gritty of clear communication techniques. So it doesn’t cover writing tips about word choice, sentence length, structure, grammar, or document design. Plenty of other great resources do that.

What’s in Rewrite?
Rewrite approaches the challenge of changing organisational writing style in five parts.

  1. Rethink. Recognise the link between your organisation’s writing style and your bottom line.
  2. Reboot. Plan a radical change in writing style.
  3. Reinvent. Listen to the stories of others who reinvented their writing style.
  4. Replay. Learn and apply the lessons from the stories.
  5. Reinforce. Borrow ideas and practical resources from others.

What you’ll come away with after reading Rewrite
Once you’ve finished Rewrite, the book will leave you thinking about:

  • why quality writing matters at your place — at both an operational and strategic level
  • how to implement a change project, either in teams or across the entire organisation, to improve bottom-line results through better writing.

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