What you need to know: 3 top tips for champions

You’ve been asked to be a plain language champion for your organisation’s quality writing programme. You said ‘yes’, but you’re not really sure what you’re going to be doing. Now what?

First of all, congratulations! Being a champion is a wonderful opportunity for you to support your colleagues. And you’ll be helping your organisation reap the benefits of clear communication.

Start with these 3 top tips

Ask for the champion job description and reserve your spot at the training workshop for champions.

Know your organisation’s Plain Language Standard and writing guidelines, so you can help others to apply the principles to their writing.

Be willing to help your colleagues with positive feedback and helpful critique.

Discover the stories of others and learn more

Rewrite has stories from 15 organisations that show how plain language champions are essential to sustaining a successful culture change.

Danni Williams describes the enthusiastic team of champions at Statistics New Zealand:

We rallied all of the passionate and not just the experts. We asked passionate people to champion our culture change because passion creates energy, and this draws other people in. We involved everyone and anyone, top to bottom.
Danni Williams, at the Rewrite book launch

How to use the power of champions for your plain language cause describes the role of champions in a plain language project.