What’s in a name? Finding the right title — Part 2

After deciding on the main title for our book, we wanted to come up with an intriguing and informative subtitle.

We held a brainstorming session (or three) with our team and eventually decided on How to overcome daily sabotage of your brand and profit.

Whats in name Part II

Why the word ‘sabotage’? Because its meaning — ‘any undermining of a cause’ — is so appropriate. Rewrite exposes the way poor writing undermines an organisation’s purpose.

For both private- and public-sector organisations, the hidden but costly effects of poor writing undermine your business purpose and effectiveness more than almost anything else.
Every document has a price. That price is made up of both production costs (time, paper, ink) and consequence costs (lost time in iterations, missed deadlines, out-of-hours rework, complaints, lost contracts, and so on).

Employees don’t intentionally cause harm through poor writing quality and processes. At the same time, most chief executives and managers are really not aware of the scale of the problem.

Rewrite will put the spotlight on organisational self-sabotage and show you how to shore up your brand and help your bottom line.