What’s in a name? Finding the right title

When I first started drafting Rewrite, its working title was ‘True Transformations’. The name captured exactly what we were seeing in organisations that embraced a plain language culture. The changes in attitudes, behaviours, and results were nothing short of transformative and the title seemed very fitting.

But as the book developed, we knew we needed a title that was a bit more down to earth. We wanted the title to have a practical energy about it that would stir curiosity, cause reflection, and inspire action.

Knowing our content was about changing attitudes and behaviours to achieve a better bottom line, our find-a-name brainstorming session gave us lots of ‘Re’ words — rethink, reboot, reinvent, replay, reinforce. And so the name, not only of the book but also each of the parts, was born. By the time we had added the tagline ‘how to avoid daily sabotage of your brand and profit’, we were happy.

Rewrite is about rewriting history — the way your organisation used to communicate internally and with the world. And it’s about rewriting your future — recognising that high-quality writing is intimately linked to an organisation’s success.

By the way, Rewrite isn’t about how to write effectively. So many other good books do that. Rewrite is about why your organisation should write effectively, and offers a proven way to make that happen.

Rewrite WP Image 2015-04-08